We are now School Yard Kitchen!

We are now School Yard Kitchen!

We may have a shiny new look and a nice new name but we've been about for a while now and you may have known us as Schoolyard Chillies.

Last year we decided to take the bold decision to rebrand as we thought the old us could do with a bit of a glam-up! Our ethics and goals remain the same as they were on day one though and our Mission to help children stay in education in Ghana AND provide a top quality product, remains unchanged.

Since our first production in 2017 in a small kitchen in Kirkintilloch, a town outside of Glasgow that has been around since the Romans, we have been producing delicious artisan treats. Now fast forward to 2024 and we are now in a larger premises with multiple kitchens which allows us to produce a larger and more varied range of top quality delicacies which still infuses our Ghanaian chillies with local produce to produce our salts, oils, sauces, jellies, jams and chocolate.


So here we are today, a much expanded team, with products that have won industry standard food awards proudly showing off as Schoolyard Kitchen. The same Ghanaian warmth and the same Scottish passion, with both eyes on the future ahead.

If you have not tried them already, you should try our Munchy Dark Chocolate Chilli Pretzels - available in our online shop now! 

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